This Q&A is excerpted from UDC board member Joel Engardio’s recent newsletter

Meredith Willa Dodson with her husband and two kids, ages five and three. Photo credit: Deeksha Prakash

Meredith Willa Dodson is a founder of the parent-led group Decreasing the Distance. Their mission is to get all public schools safely open full time. Too many children have suffered from distance learning in what has become a lost year. The toll is both academic and mental health.

The amount of advocacy that Meredith and her fellow parent volunteer leaders have accomplished — against all odds — is amazing. I interviewed Meredith to learn more about the person beyond this powerful…

Tear Gas outside United States Capitol” by Tyler Merbler is licensed under CC BY 2.0

In all of the chaos that occurred at the Capitol on January 6, and as we’ve tried to sort through the aftermath, we’ve heard a lot of weighty words thrown around — sedition, insurrection, terrorism, coup, and more. While these terms have often been used interchangeably in news coverage and in the general discourse, and their dictionary definitions often overlap, they are delineated very specifically in federal law. We thought it would be helpful to break down and define these terms, and discuss how they might apply to what we know about the events of January 6, 2021.

“Sedition” is…

United Democratic Club Calls for the Immediate Removal of President Trump

The United Democratic Club sent the following letter in to Speaker Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Schumer this afternoon re: removal of Trump from the Presidency following Wednesday’s insurrection as the U.S. Capitol.


Dear Madam Speaker and Leader Schumer,

It is with great sadness that we are writing on behalf of San Francisco’s United Democratic Club, District 2 Democratic Club, Eastern Neighborhoods Democratic Club, and Edwin M. …

The 2021 California Democratic Party Assembly Delegate elections are in January.

If you are a California Democrat, there’s an important election you need to vote in this January.

The California Democratic Party (CADEM) is composed of all 10.2M registered Democrats. Every year, the party hosts a convention to endorse candidates, take positions on ballot measures, establish the party platform and propose resolutions. Since there is no venue that can accommodate all 10 million plus voters, Assembly Delegates are appointed and/or elected to attend the Convention as representatives of the voters in their Districts in addition to attending meetings throughout the year to represent the voters within their community.

How Democrats Become Assembly Delegates

  1. Be an elected member of a Democratic County Central Committee in the state
  2. Receive an…

As 2020 draws to a close, it’s strange to think back on what a whirlwind this year has been. In March, we came together as a club to transition completely online and found ways to connect in isolation. We turned to our Slack to socialize, watch movies, and play games. We shared feelings of disbelief as our country’s leaders denied science, pride as Mayor Breed set the standard for how elected officials should respond to a public health crisis, and joy as we saw our hard work materialize into the victory of President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris.

The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, has left us all reeling. She was a giant, advancing gender equality and civil liberties by leaps and bounds through an inspiring life and career.

Joan Ruth Bader, known to us as Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the Notorious RBG, was born in Brooklyn in 1933. She was one of 9 women enrolled in a class of 500 people at Harvard Law School, eventually transferring and completing her law degree at Columbia Law School. …

Our membership has voted, and the United Democratic Club is proud to announce our endorsements for President and Vice President of the United States, SFUSD School Board, CCSF College Board, BART Board, California state propositions, and local San Francisco propositions.

We announced our endorsements in the San Francisco Supervisor races last month. You can access those endorsement recommendations here.

U.S. President and Vice President: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Nothing is more important than electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to serve as President and Vice President this November.

This ticket includes the best candidates to build the nation back stronger by ending the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing us back to…

On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors rejected the appointment of transit activist Jane Natoli to the SFMTA board of directors in a 6–4 vote.

It was a political win for the six supervisors who voted against her (Supervisors Gordon Mar, Sandra Lee Fewer, Aaron Peskin, Dean Preston, Shamann Walton and Norman Yee), but a loss for a transit agency in dire need of qualified leaders like Jane, who would have been the first transgender woman to serve on the SFMTA board. And it was a loss for San Francisco.

The vote was also the climax of a months-long fight that…

You’ve seen the headlines about the San Francisco Board of Supervisors rejecting the Mayor’s appointees to the SFMTA board, but you probably haven’t followed every twist and turn. We get it — it’s wonky. Most San Franciscans don’t even know what the SFMTA Board does. United Dems is here to help.

We’ll let GIFs do the talking.

May 2020: Supervisors Hillary Ronen and Aaron Peskin remove the lone disability advocate from the SFMTA board.

Decades after the formal end of redlining, and an infamous re-development project razed a Black neighborhood, housing inequality is alive and well in San Francisco.

A panel of local leaders, whose work spans housing development, community investment and financial planning, joined the United Democratic Club discuss ways to break down existing barriers to housing and improve access to home ownership for communities that have been historically shut out of both.

“You can’t rent change; you have to own it,” said Neighborbuilt co-founder Daniel Edwards, at the second installment of Race Talks, a United Democratic Club event series focused on racial…

United Democratic Club

We are an inclusive and progressive group of Democrats who believe that everyone should have a place in San Francisco.

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